Learn, Practice, Play

  • Different songs and languages to choose from
  • Great way to improve memory and learn
  • Awesome opportunity to track fan engagement
  • Educational resource that is very fun to play
  • A direct link to measuring fanbase activity on songs
  • An enhanced/interactive song-learning experience
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Check It is designed to provide users a robust song-learning experience that can aid in the process of learning language, vocabulary, and culture at any level.


Music is a vessel of culture and songs provide many teachable lessons. By offering lyric-learners a fun way to engage with new songs from across the world and competitively work toward learning their complex and nuanced language, we can create an ecosystem of music-lovers that are simultaneously engaging in international community building and culture swapping.

Our Application

Connects you to a global marketplace of songs to learn from. Whether your native language is English or even Chinese, Check It is a tool that can provide you a robust language-learning experience through song lyrics and musical engagement. Sharpen your memory and improve your flow as you learn from the writing of some of the world's most talented artists.

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